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I've recently bought 2006 GSR600 and noticed that when turning on slower speed the bike pulls the steering inside more than do other bikes of similar class that I've ridden. I have to apply more force to hold the intended line on slow speed turns on my GSR600 than I'd do on other bikes. Can a GSR600 owner confirm whether the bike falls into turns more than usual, or I have some a problem with my bike?

p.s. the steering pull is equal on either turn.
Main Forum / Re: Still alive eh?
« Last post by Serrisan on 16 May, 2018, 13:56:30 »
Iv'e been down Sussex way for the last 2 weekends, I'll have to keep an eye out for your bike, lol

Might need a great pair of binoculars, the bike venturing on roads is rarer than seeing an eclipse

Sheldimus - yeah it's classic forum behaviour to be honest... every so often knock around and see what's up.

What with deleting facebook and things like that, forums fill the void :D
I would have thought this was pretty normal. At low speed there is less gyroscopic force from the wheels to keep the bike up.
+1 for the coolant overflow.
Actually got some use on my 750 a couple of years ago after a spirited ride out on a hot day.  8)
Red stains all over the garage floor carpet.. ::)
one is the tank overfill hose and the other is for the coolant overflow normally hiden behind the small fairing by the side stand
probably just drain tubes, they got 1 on the GSX S1000
GSR600 FAQs / Two unconnected hoses sticking out of the bottom of the bike
« Last post by dmxd5 on 08 May, 2018, 16:16:18 »
Today I looked underneath the bike ('06 Suzuki GSR600) and noticed two unconnected lines sticking out, I'm wondering what it is and are these ends supposed to be connected?
GSR600 FAQs / Re: Which coolant should I use: red, blue, green?
« Last post by Porky on 05 May, 2018, 21:53:25 »
whatever colour you like, as long as it's mixed with distilled water & is suitable for aluminium engines
GSR600 FAQs / Which coolant should I use: red, blue, green?
« Last post by dmxd5 on 05 May, 2018, 01:16:08 »
Which coolant should I use for 2006 Suzuki GSR600, red or blue?
If your tyres are not the problem then the only other thing I can think of which could cause steering issues is the steering heed bearings. Possibly worth checking them out.
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