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GSR750/GSX-S750 sales / GSR 750 Timing retard eliminator
« Last post by Pimmy on Yesterday at 20:18:05 »
Timing Retard Eliminator (TRE) for a GSR 750.
Fitted for a couple of months but now have Power Commander

Smart TRE - Timing Retard Eliminator

Compatible models:
 Suzuki GSR 750 all models


Suzuki have retarded the ignition timing of the first 4 gears on the most of its latest models. This restriction is applied by Suzuki to limit the available torque in low speeds for road safety.
 Our Smart TRE bypasses this restriction and gives the optimal map to all gears for maximum performance.
 The Smart TRE will also disable the speed limiter to all 1000cc+ models

SmartMoto has created this new version of the popular TRE mod which is smart and does not affect the map of Neutral, while it gives the unrestricted 5th gear signal when any other gear is selected. Also, we gave special attention to durability; we enclose the whole product into special high grade resin like the most motorcycle manufacturers do in similar applications.

Key Features
•Bypasses the Timing Restriction of the first 4 gears
•Improves the throttle response and releases maximum torque
•Does not affect Neutral like the cheap TRE versions
•Plug and play design, no wire cutting required
•* Customer reviews have shown improved power delivery and stronger overall accelerations with the product installed

High Quality Standards
•The whole product is enclosed into a special high grade resin. It is the most durable design available, it is compact and it is completely waterproof.
•We use only OEM connectors to ensure perfect fitment.
•Plug and play design, no wire cutting required.
•Sophisticated production and high quality parts ensure top quality product.
•This product is tested and developed for the listed motorcycle.


Note: Models with standard gear indicators will always show "5" when in any selected gear except of Neutral.

£20 posted to UK

Main Forum / Re: Engine cutting out
« Last post by davey g on 18 January, 2019, 11:45:14 »
Nice one keep us updated, as the 600 gets older fault finding info is very helpful, had mine  11 years this month no plans to move it on.
Main Forum / Re: Engine cutting out
« Last post by sheldimus on 14 January, 2019, 09:52:00 »
Took five minutes to fix and about forty five to find. My, how we laughed...

Ah yes, my most favourite type of jobs!  >:( ;)
It's these jobs that made swearing much more of a creative process. :D
Main Forum / Re: Engine cutting out
« Last post by mwornell on 11 January, 2019, 20:40:56 »
A further update just in case at any point in the future someone is looking for info on the same problem.
The battery change improved things hugely but still getting one cut out per journey on average so decided today to adjust the tickover, per Biker's suggestion, to nudge it towards the top end of the 12-14000rpm range. As a reference I used the Youtube series on GSR600's from user The garage of Jose Manuel H. Looks like a useful resource, doubly so if you speak Spanish (sadly I don't but you can tell a lot from a picture). Ended up taking a lot of stuff off of the bike which I didn't actually need to (if you know what you are feeling for, the tickover adjustment can be reached from underneath after removing the black panel from the L/H side).
Result; no cut out on the journey home this evening, will be keeping an eye on things to see what develops.
Side note: during reassembly my right front indicator stopped working, turned out to be a broken wire into the multiplug. Took five minutes to fix and about forty five to find. My, how we laughed...

Take care all,

Humour / Re: Diary entries
« Last post by mwornell on 11 January, 2019, 20:18:06 »
In the version of this joke which I saw and loved, the punchline was "Motorcycle won't start, can't figure out why".
Main Forum / Re: Engine cutting out
« Last post by biker on 06 January, 2019, 23:04:09 »
Fingers crossed you are sorted mate  :thumbsup
New Members / Re: Another newbie
« Last post by Porky on 06 January, 2019, 16:53:25 »
Suzuki obviously, now which model would be a hard choice.
Suzuki GSR 600   06 reg
Suzuki GSR 750  x2  61 &13 reg
Suzuki GSX S1000 15 reg
Suzuki GSX S750 17 reg
they are/were all great, reliable steeds  8)
New Members / Re: Another newbie
« Last post by mwornell on 05 January, 2019, 19:46:29 »
Hi Porky & Biker,

Thanks for the words of welcome.
Porky; having owned all three, which was your favourite?

Main Forum / Re: Engine cutting out
« Last post by mwornell on 05 January, 2019, 19:38:27 »
Hi Biker,

Thanks for the input. I think the tickover is in that general area, albeit at the low end.
An update.
Short version:I'm back in love with my baby again.
Long version: after the very bad day on the 2nd I went over all the basics again and made sure to get a screwdriver onto the battery connections rather than just seeing if they felt tight. I was able to tighten them a bit and this seemed to help, getting me back to one cutting out episode per day. Yesterday we attacked it again, removing a couple of panels and doing a lot of wire wobbling. We also did the ghetto dealer mode thing and found no codes. Later that evening the bike wouldn't start and had to be bumped in the end. This morning I got a new battery and voila it started without hesitation and didn't cut out once during a two hour run out. So, the current hypothesis is that the battery was knackered. I did notice that the battery I took out was not the one which there's a receipt for among the paperwork I got with the bike so either a previous owner popped a slightly knackered one in and kept the good one for their next bike or my bike chews through a battery in about two years. Does that sound about normal?


New Members / Re: Another newbie
« Last post by Porky on 04 January, 2019, 19:02:53 »
welcome to the forum, at least you looked at Hornets & XJ6s, I've owned both  ;)
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