Author Topic: Unused GSR600 Rack (official Suzuki one back in the day) - for sale/collection  (Read 582 times)

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Fellow GSR600 owners,

I have an unused never fitted official Sizuki GSR600 rack, if anyone would like it... for collection just nr heathrow.
Its complete, in its original (old/tired) box, and has the instructions, bolts n bits, and all the parts.
I bought not long after I bought the GSR600, back in 2006, but I've never fitted it - I've done a little bit of touring ..  a tank bag and rucksack were always sufficient... so it just sat in me shed.  :-(

But now it could be yours (for a tenner?), if you wanna come and get it - as I say, near heathrow.
Just PM me and I'll give you the addr & email

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