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Hi all,

On the 23rd of December I became the proud owner of an '08 GSR having only learned of their existence a few weeks before while looking at Honda Hornets and Yamaha XJ6's. Now, on the 2nd of January, I'm registering here in the hope that I can consult some learned opinion on a problem I've got with it. A honeymoon period of more than nine days might have been nice but that's the chance you take with a whirlwind romance.


Welcome to the forum Mark, fingers crossed you get your problem resolved and it doesn't ruin your enjoyment of the bike.

welcome to the forum, at least you looked at Hornets & XJ6s, I've owned both  ;)

Hi Porky & Biker,

Thanks for the words of welcome.
Porky; having owned all three, which was your favourite?


Suzuki obviously, now which model would be a hard choice.
Suzuki GSR 600   06 reg
Suzuki GSR 750  x2  61 &13 reg
Suzuki GSX S1000 15 reg
Suzuki GSX S750 17 reg
they are/were all great, reliable steeds  8)


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